Electrolytic Capacitors

Electrolytic Capacitors

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10000uF 100V Capacitor, Electrolytic

Product Information     Capacitance: 10000µF     Capacit..

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10000uF 25V Capacitor, Electrolytic

Product Information     Capacitance: 10000µF     Capacit..

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10000uF 50V Capacitor, Electrolytic

    Capacitance: 10000µF     Diameter: 35mm   &..

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10000uF 63V Capacitor, Electrolytic

      Capacitance: 10000µF     Capacitance Toleranc..

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10000uF 80V Capacitor, Electrolytic

Voltage: 80V Capacitance: 10000uF Dimensions: φ35mm x 50mm(Diameter x Height) Maximum T..

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1000uF 10V Capacitor, Electrolytic (Pkg. of 5)

Capacitance Range: 1 μF to 15000 μF Voltage Range: 6.3 VDC to 100 VDC Endurance: 105&de..

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1000uF 16V Capacitor, Electrolytic (Pkg. of 5)

High quality miniaturized capacitors utilize case sizes smaller than conventional general purpose ca..

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1000uF 25V Capacitor, Electrolytic (Pkg. of 5)

The Panasonic FC series capacitors are automotive grade type A, radial leaded polarized aluminium el..

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1000uF 35V Capacitor, Electrolytic (Pkg. of 5)

      Capacitance: 1000µF     Diameter: 12.5mm &n..

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1000uF 50V Capacitor, Electrolytic (Pkg. of 5)

 This 1000µF 50VDC axial-lead electrolytic capacitor can help you with your speakers, or ..

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