ARM9 MINI2440 Board with 3.5" TFT LCD Touch Screen, 1GB

ARM 9 Development Board with 3.5' TFT LCD -Touch screen embed with 400 MHz Samsung S3C2440A ARM 9 processor, 64 MB of SDRAM, 1GB of NAND Flash and 2 MB of NOR Flash. The board measures 10 cm x 10 cm, ideal for learning about ARM systems or integrating into numerous products and porting WIN CE5,Linux,uC OSII etc.

The MINI2440 appears to be smallest S3C2440 development kit to date. Measuring 3.9 by 3.9 inches (100 x 100mm), the MINI2440 is a four-layer board that clocks the Samsung S3C2440's ARM920T RISC core at 400MHz (dominant frequency) and 533MHz (peak frequency).The S3C2440 system-on-chip (SoC) primarily targets handheld devices such as smartphones and PDAs. The SoC integrates 16KB each of instruction and data cache, 4KB RAM, a NAND flash boot loader, power management functions, an interrupt controller, and an external memory controller.

The Mini2440 from rhydoLABZ comes standard with 1GB NAND flash, expandable via an SD card slot, along with 2MB of NOR flash. The board has camera and LCD interfaces, and with a built-in 3.5-inch QVGA (320x240) TFT TouchScreen LCD .The Mini2440's complement of PC-style I/O includes Ethernet, USB host and slave ports, and three serial connections. Available options include a WiFi module, and CMOS and USB camera options. The Mini2440 board offers a "stable CPU power source chip and reset system

 Mini2440 S3C2440 Features

• CPU -  Samsung S3C2440A 400MHz  (Max frequency- 533Mhz )
• SDRAM Memory
  32-bit Data Bus width
  100 MHz Clock
• FLASH Memory
  1GB Nand Flash
  2 MB Nor Flash, BIOS installed
  4 wire resistive Touch Screen
  Company         : NEC
  Panel Type       : TFT
  Resolution        : 320 x 240 RGB
  Reflectivity       : 7
  Illumination       : 90 cd/m
  Contrast           : 10:1
  Display Mode  : 80:1 Transmissive
  Shape Size       : 64.0 (H) 85.0 (V) 4.13 (D) (mm)
  Active Area      : 53.64 (H) 71.52 (V) (mm)
  Dot Pitch          : 74.5 x 223.5mm
  Backlight Type  : LED
• Interface and Resources
  10/100M Ethernet RJ-45(DM9000)
  3 Serial Ports (One RS232 with CTS and RTS)
  One  USB Host
  One  USB Slave Type B
  One SD Card Interface
  One Stereo audio output Interface, One MIC Interface
  One  10-Pin JTAG  Interface
  Four USER LED’s
  Six USER buttons
  One PWM Controlled Buzzer
  One POT can be used for A/D converter adjust
  One AT24C08 for I2C test
  One 20-Pin Camera Interface
  One Battery for RTC
  One Power In(5V), with switch and lamp
• Oscillator
  12 MHz
  Internal and battery backed
• Expansion Interface
  One 34-Pin 2mm GPIO Interface
  One 40-Pin 2mm System Bus Interface
• Dimensions
  100 x 100 (mm)

OS Supported

  •   Linux 2.6.13
  •   Linux 2.6.29
  •   Windows CE.Net 5.0

Package Includes

  •   1 x S3C2440 board (Preload with Linux)
  •   1 x Serial cable
  •   1 x Net cable
  •   1 x USB cable
  •   1 x 5V power adapter
  •   1 x Parallel port wiggler JTAG emulator (for H-JTAG)
  •   1 x DVD-ROM with product reference
  •   1 x TFT LCD: 3.5", 240x320, with touch panel  

DVD Contents

  •   H-JTAG Debugger
  •   Windows Flash Programmer SJF2440
  •   Linux Nand Flash Programmer Jflash-2440 (source code included)
  •   Serial tool CRT, dnw
  •   Bitmap to C Language transfer tool
  •   USB Driver (WindowXP/2000)
  •   Vivi source code (linux bootloader)
  •   LED test program (ADS 1.20 project)
  •   2440 test program(ADS 1.20 project) include :
  •   Key test, RTC test, ADC test, IIS Audio play (.wav), IIS Audio record,
  •   Touch screen test, I2C test,  640x480 TFT test
  •   Windows CE 6.0 BSP and sample project files.
  •   Pre-compiled WinCE 6.0 image for evaluation
  •   Linux tool and kernel source code     
  •  ARM-linux-gcc-4.3.2 with EABI           
  •   Linux-2.6.29 for S3C2440 kernel source code (include DM9000, LCD driver , Audio, Touch screen, SD Card, RTC, Expand  serial driver, USB Camera, USB Mouse and Keyboard, U-Disk)
  •   Pre-compiled Linux image for evaluation
  •   Qtopia 2.2.0 source codes, web browser source codes
  •   Schematics (Protel99SE/PDF format)
  •  English User Manual

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ARM9 MINI2440 Board with 3.5" TFT LCD Touch Screen, 1GB

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